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Hitchin' on the Highway of Life (will play continuously)

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ANDY COWAN is an award-winning writer/producer/performer, associated with two of the five best television series of all time, as compiled in 2012 by ABC News and People magazine, and the number two and number eight best written series as voted by the Writers Guild of America in 2013 (101 Best Written TV Series). Credits include Cheers (multiple episodes) Seinfeld, 3rd Rock From the Sun (both staff) and numerous other comedies and talk/variety shows among his writing credits.  As lead vocalist, he's performed in jazz clubs and at special events throughout Los Angeles for over two decades, beginning with his breakthrough performance of "Sinatra" singing pop and rock songs of the '80s accompanied by Jack Sheldon, Plas Johnson & the rest of the stellar Mort Lindsey Orchestra on The Merv Griffin Show. HITCHIN' ON THE HIGHWAY OF LIFE (music, lyrics & vocals by Andy Cowan) has won five international songwriting nods and is featured in the film he wrote and appears in, Knocked Down, an official selection in the 2008 San Fernando Valley International Film Festival and 2009 Southeast New England Film, Music & Arts Festival, winner of best comedy.   Clever lyrics tell a story of perseverance that wins out at the end, with infectious steel guitar licks and arrangements by Marty Rifkin, award-winning session musician for Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Jewel. 

His original jazz song, 20TH CENTURY MAN, is the theme to Another Talk Show! with Andy Cowan.  (featuring Jason Alexander and Sheila Raye Charles in the pilot)  

(GOOGLE: 20th Century Man, Cowan)

Cowan began his Hollywood career as a segment producer, writer and performer on The Merv Griffin Show during the ‘80s, and interviewed hundreds of luminaries, from Orson Welles to Jerry Seinfeld. 

He produced, wrote and hosted his CableACE award-winning 60 Minutes send-up, 6 Minutes, for Showtime, drawing praise from 60 Minutes’ own creator, Don Hewitt.  He’s written over half a dozen original pilots (and hosted some) wrote for Ellen DeGeneres’ prime time Emmy-hosting stint, performed in comedy clubs throughout the country, jazz clubs throughout Los Angeles... ... and as a voiceover artist on Seinfeld, 3rd Rock, Lucas Films’ Star Wars, Dark Empire I & II audio books, Star Watch, Hollywood's Best Film Directors, HBO Europe, ReelzChannel, and numerous other projects. 

He regularly contributes humor pieces to multiple publications including the Los Angeles Times, Salon and The New Yorker, wrote for MyFM in Los Angeles and the CBS Jack FM Radio Network from 2007-'10, and has written over 280 comic panels since 2007 (one of which sent up Tim Russert and was featured on NBC's Meet the Press) for King Features' Bizarro, the National Cartoonists Society three-time "Best Newspaper Cartoon Panel" and successor to Gary Larson's Far Side.  

He wrote and co-created the comedy webisode series, Phonees, featuring Danny Woodburn (Seinfeld) and Jill-Michele Melean (MADtv).  Opposite Andy... is a comedy hybrid he wrote and created forSteel Wool Entertainment & Media, which centers on his exploits tackling "the opposite" in his own life, the theme of an acclaimed top ten Seinfeld episode he wrote.  He is  developing Wannabes for StoryArc New Media's FirstRun.TV as writer, executive producer and star, the first sitcom in the world of karaoke.  He also created and is starring in another web comedy series, Our Time is Up, tailored to boomers, for Cindi Rice (Epic Level Entertainment).  And he is head writer and a performer on a sketch show pilot for Delevie Productions. 

Up & Down, his comedy/talk radio show first profiled in The Hollywood Reporter, premiered in 2010 on KPFK 90.7 FM, Los Angeles.  Another Talk Show! with Andy Cowan,, featuring Jason Alexander and Sheila Raye Charles, is a 2011 TV talk show hour pilot.

Profiled in Who’s Who in America, he earned his Master's Degree in Broadcasting from Boston University and began his broadcasting career in radio and TV news in Pennsylvania.

IMDB profile: (doesn’t include all credits from 2000s, nor pilots…)


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Jazz review:




2008 Andy Cowan (BMI)



Andy Cowan  (310)393-0965



I keep hitchin’ on the highway of life. And ain’t nobody pickin’ me me up

I keep aimin’ to go where the luck’s gonna flow. Where the sunshine’ll fill my cup

I keep standin’ there wavin’ my thumb. Till the ache in my arm grows numb

Keep hopin’ for the ride to turn my tide. Keep lurchin’ on the sidelines

Searchin’ for the guidelines

Twitchin’ on the byways

Hitchin’ on the highway of life 



I try thumbin’ my way to the end of a road that fails to bend

To a place I arrive where I get me high fives. And the key to the city

And the heart of a pretty is a fine little ditty to tend to




Keep hitchin’ on the highway of life. And ain’t nobody stoppin’ today

I keep watchin’ ‘em slow to a crawl that’s only a prelude to speedin’ away  

Keep lookin’ in their eyes to see how clear a window to a soul can be

Keep thumbin’ as my foes keep a thumbin’ their nose. Keep lurchin’ on the sidelines

Searchin’ for the guidelines

Twitchin’ on the byways

Hitchin’ on the highway of life







Keep hitchin’ on the highway of life. And still nobody’s gazing my way

I keep starin’ ‘em down with a grin till a frown gets to beat it in a twelve round fray

Keep standin’ on the shoulder of fate. I need a pick-me-up before it’s too late

Keep uppin’ my chin till my ship comes in. I’m lurchin’ on the sidelines

Searchin’ for the guidelines

Strivin’ for the entry

Jivin’ for the gentry

Aimin’ to please as I bend to my knees

And I ask, “Goin’ My Way?” Twitchin’ on the byways. Hitchin’ on the highway of life



Car screeches to a halt, honks & female driver asks, “Need a lift?”