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Some see the glass as half full.  Some see it as not only half empty… But the home for their dentures one day after, their luck, experts decide that a lifetime of preemptive flossing actually causes gum disease.  


Up & Down Guys is the first radio show to provide massive group therapy and comedy relief in the process.  There's an under-served radio audience who long for a smart yet accessible, clever and funny, grown-up yet hip (but-not-too-hip-for-the-room) entryway into the minds of those of us struggling to connect with the absurdities of everyday life. 


In a way, it’s (a kinder and gentler) Larry David meets Dr. Phil, as Up & Down Guys launches with an up front interactive therapy session among “patient,” Andy Cowan (the down guy who generally sees the glass half empty, as long as it's full of humorous insight) Los Angeles psychologist, Dr. Scott Kopoian (the up guy who generally sees the glass half full) and occasional callers/chatters, who offer up their therapeutic two cents on Andy's travails that connect with listeners’ shared experiences.   


When the doctor’s time is up, the theme music kicks in… and therapy session morphs into a multi-faceted comedy/information talk show loosely hinging on the up and down themes, hosted by the (slightly but not oppressively) down guy and his upbeat therapist. 


A la The Daily Show and Real Time with Bill Maher, takes on current events and pop culture enjoy fresh new spins.  While the seldom-reported minutiae buried in the recesses of the down guy's overburdened cerebral cortex finds an escape route to the masses. 


In times of a still down economy, audiences will draw encouragement from someone poking fun at their own down-ness, someone who can also be energetic and up about a lot of things (an up guy trapped in a down guy's body).


Featured departments include "celebrity guests" who call in but never want to put their voices on the air (so you only hear the up and down guys' ends of the conversations).  And some who do put their voices on the air.  And still other authors... comic strip creators... and quirky conversationalists visit in-studio... shedding light on the up and down sides to their own lives.


They Review the Reviews (why should movie blurbs have the last word?) ... The Down Guy goes on another Virtual Date, where he engages in a (one-way) conversation with an imagined woman out there in radio land he hopes to connect with, as he leaves room for her clearly imagined responses...


They take another phone visit with the Up & Down Girl, who forms their "human graphic equalizer" as her mid-range perspectives balance out Andy's relative lows and Dr. K's relative highs, on such topics as... dating... marriage... family life... and plastic surgery...


New Search Engines... beyond Yahoo! ... like "Yayyy!"  And "Whoopie!" ... humorously take the art of word association to a whole new level...


They travel back in time for another ... Sick but True Future Prediction of the Past! ...


And there truly is so much more.


Bart Tessler  (Westwood One):

“I love their comedic sensibility.  It’s really entertaining.  They’re very comfortable, the material is great, and the whole concept works.”


Andrew Singer (Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video, NBC Universal):

“You guys have such a clear dynamic and chemistry.  It’s very interesting, different, refreshing, and it works.  The show has many layers of irony and charm.”


Trever Oliver (Premiere Radio):

“It’s a brilliant concept, very original and engaging… The main point of Dr. Laura is the help and advice and solutions.   But a smaller part of the appeal might be our own wicked sense of curiosity about other people’s neuroses – and that’s what fascinates me about Andy’s show. ”


Kirk Stirland (Dial Global):

“These guys have a real chemistry and real wit.  And it’s hysterical.  Free FM should be all over them.  This is a show that appeals to both men and women.”




Over 50 live hours of Up & Down Guys in streaming audio/VIDEO originated on L.A. internet radio station in 2000.  As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the show grew into a cult sensation as the crown jewels of the site.  In 2004, KLSX 97.1 FM, Los Angeles, offered to test the show on its airwaves.  In 2010, Up & Down Guys premiered on KPFK 90.7 FM, Los Angeles.




UP & DOWN GUYS radio show 2000    (41 minutes)

  Up & Down Day  

  Therapy excerpt:  Dating red flags, don't sweat the small stuff

  Up & Down Girl on the ups & downs of vacations

  “Senator John McCain” phone-in excerpt

  Comedian/comedy actor/honorary down guy Fred Stoller

  Comedian Robert Schimmel (up & down sides of Seinfeld)  

  Andy stuck behind a couple making out 

  Ups & downs of the latest personals ads

  Movie review reviews 

  Another reason not to leave your house   

  Former producer of Wheel of Fortune

  Down Guy vs. Up Guys: Motivational Speaker Mario & Dr. K 

  Dr. K’s ways to improve Andy’s mental health  

  Sick but True Future Prediction of the Past!

  Andy on his “other therapist”

  “Jerry Lewis” phone-in excerpt  

  “Oprah Winfrey” phone-in excerpt   

  Making presidential candidates personally affect us   

  Unemployment Tonight 




SCOTT KOPOIAN, Ph.D. works with individuals, couples, and families, and is a consultant to several local and state programs.